Cysts on back of neck and head.

Cysts marked for removal

Cysts removed

Squamous cell carinoma of ear

Squamous cell carcinoma on ear marked for excision with margins

Ear immediately after removal of squamous cell carcinoma

Late result after ear reconstruction.

Basal Cell Carcinoma removal before and after

Full thickness skingraft on forehead after cancer removal

Keloid on ear before and after

Large tumour on chest and Rhomboid flap

Keloid scar left ear before and after

Process of mole removal

1. Mole on right cheek

2. Mole is marked to plan best direction of scar

3. Dressing applied

Pyogenic granuloma on right cheek lower eyelid.

After removal of pyogenic granuloma.

Before and after mole removal

Basal Cell Carcinoma marked for excision with margin and closure with advancement flap – the wound defect would be too big to close directly.

3 weeks postop.

3 weeks postop BCC and local flap.

Rhinophyma preop.

Rhinophyma postop.

Basal cell carcinoma on the eyelid marked for excision and reconstruction.

Eyelid after reconstruction.

skin cancer of ear before

Ear after removal and reconstruction of 1.8cm skin cancer lesion.

rhinophyma preop

Skin cancer on nose.

Nose reconstructed after wide and deep excision of tumour.

Keloid scar on the ear after piercing.

Keloid ear after excision and reconstruction of piercing.

Back of ear after keloid removal.

Close up of scar after skin cancer removal from the left cheek.

excision of basal cell cancer and advancement flap early result before scar settled