I often find myself drawing pictures in order to better explain things to colleagues and patients. Many people have commented that it helps their understanding of their issue, so I thought I would share some of my diagrams on the website.


Extensor tendon anatomy

Hand bones

Nerves at wrist

Ulnar nerve at elbow

Anatomy of anatomical snuffbox

Flexor Tendons of the Finger with Pulleys Removed

Finger Extensor Tendons

Ligaments of the finger

Trapeziomentacarpal joint (expanded) with scapho-trapezio-trapezoidal joint STT)

Flexor tendon pulleys of the finger

Bones of the finger

Thumb pulleys

Structures of the finger

Clinical tests & exercises

Test for extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon

Test for extensor indicis and extensor digiti minimi

Test for DeQuervains tenosynovitis

Test for central slip insufficiency

Test for anterior interosseous nerve function

Differential glides – I recommend that you do each of the five positions five times and repeat this once per hour

Diagrams of surgical techniques

A1 pulley release

Z plasty

Planned posterior interosseous flap for open fractures with skin loss

Tendon and nerve repairs intraoperatively

Foucher flap raised from index finger. Donor site closed with full thickness skin graft

Radial forearm reverse flow pedicled flap

Palmaris longus tendon harvest

Reverse flow homodigital island flap

Plate fixation of metacarpal

Digital nerve repair

Flap reconstruction after excision of mucous cyst from finger

Fusion of finger joint with compression screw

Skin graft harvest

Swan neck correction transfer of extensor slip

Tendon repair completed

Tendon repair core suture showing just 2 strands (4 usually done)

Venkatswami flap

Injuries and conditions

Rotational deformity causes scissoring

Normal cascade of fingers- all point to scaphoid

Mallet injury

Dupuytren’s contracture

Ulnar collateral ligament injury (skiers thumb)

Flexor tendon and nerve laceration index finger


West Retractor

Tendon Transfer Instruments


Hand Instruments

Everyone is welcome to use my drawings/handouts for teaching or for patients, but please credit me as the artist / author.